Frequently Asked Questions

A senior member of our team will schedule an initial meeting with one or more members of your staff. Face to face and remote offerings are available. Before the meeting, we will provide you a template to gather the information we will discuss on the call. A general outline of the discussion is as follows:

  • Overview of your business/operation
  • Where you need help (data gathering/analysis, system integration, pain points or bottle necks, scheduling, what-if scenarios, supply chain, etc.)
  • Specific goals or requirements
  • What you have tried in the past and the results
  • Constraints that we must adhere to
  • Unique considerations or other pertinent details 

Our team will take the information gathered on the call and work to develop potential solutions to meet your needs. We will schedule a follow-up meeting to review your options and discuss next steps to implement your desired choice. 

A Functional Specification is a formal document produced to define the scope, expectations, estimated cost and planned schedule of a project.

The Functional Specification Workshop is held at the beginning of the project. It is generally held on-site, though virtual options are available to accommodate COVID-19 or other factors limiting on-site meetings. For approximately one week, our team of experienced solution engineers engages with project stakeholders and other key personnel (managers, operators, process engineers, schedulers, customers, etc.) as needed to gather the pertinent information for the project.

Over the next two weeks, our team will coordinate with your staff to develop and deliver an actionable plan on which all parties agree. This agreed upon plan is the Functional specification.

A Functional Specification is critical to the success of any project.

Absolutely! We highly recommend our clients’ staff be involved in all phases of the project. We will work with you to identify key members of your staff to form a “center of excellence.” We will train those individuals on all necessary aspects of the technology and methods employed throughout the project.

Your staff will be able to design and run their own experiments, create custom schedules, and even make adjustments to the models as your process changes.

Model Performance Group will be there to support your staff and ensure their success.

Our team is familiar with several modeling, simulation, and scheduling software packages, along with a wide range of MES, ERP systems and data platforms.

Simio is our preferred partner for modeling and scheduling projects. Simio software was built from the ground up to focus on data integration of your existing data sources including enterprise resource planning systems, manufacturing execution systems and any other custom data sources you may have.

Our experienced team at Model Performance Group can help you connect all of your data to ensure your system makes the best use of resources to help you meet your production commitments. We can turn your factory into a Smart Factory.

We are happy to provide an initial consultation and discuss the systems you currently use and what it will take to help you meet your goals. Contact us today.

Model Performance Group is pleased to offer several training options for your staff. Generally, we recommend that our clients identify a “center of excellence” comprising five to 10 individuals familiar with different aspects of your operation and interested in the project.

Once such a group is identified, a series of instructor-led or self-paced online training modules are provided, including several workshops and optional certification exams. Upon completion of online training, a week-long instructor led in person training session is held. This session is customized to the specific needs of the project.

Contact us today to discuss your specific training needs.

There are many ways Model Performance Group can help your business reach its potential. Operate more efficiently, reduce costs and ensure timely delivery of your commitments. Schedule your demo today to learn how.