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Clinics and hospitals are fast-paced environments, and administrators must have plans for patient flow, floor layout, staffing, and more. With patients constantly coming and going, they can’t afford downtime to figure it out on the fly. Model Performance Group uses state-of-the-art simulation and scheduling solutions to improve efficiency with no downtime.

Why You Need Model Performance Group

Model Performance Group uses Simio, the latest in scheduling and simulation technology, to perform easy-to-run, realistic-looking simulations to project staffing, patient flow, and more for medical facilities of all sizes. From the first consultation until we analyze your results, our team is here to improve the efficiency and reliability of your organization.

Our simulation and scheduling experience and software can be used to:

  • Optimize patient care through improved capacity planning.
  • Evaluate complex systems to increase operational efficiency levels.
  • Gain insight into patient demands to improve resource allocation.
  • Evaluate outpatient care to improve revenue generation.
  • Test the use of smart systems to optimize healthcare services.
  • Evaluate resource allocation requirements to optimize labor costs.
  • Optimize staffing across all departments to meet fluctuating demand.

Take Advantage of a Digital Twin

Keeping up with digital strategies in the healthcare industry is vital. Healthcare facilities produce a lot of data and deciding which technology or strategy to implement into processes can be difficult. Model Performance Group provides the flexibility you need for the digital era.

By creating a digital twin of your facility, we get an accurate virtual model that tracks the effects of your innovative solutions to the entire healthcare process. Digital twins for healthcare facilities ensure administrators can monitor complex systems remotely and in near real-time. You can fine-tune the digital transformation strategy you choose while optimizing patient care.

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