advanced analytics simulation and scheduling

Advanced Analytics Simulation Software

Use advanced analytics to identify patterns, create change scenarios, make predictions, and prescribe actions based on results. The Model Performance Group simulation software examines alternative outcomes and scenarios before, during, and after implementing and executing a plan. Analytics is what successfully drives changes in people, processes, and business systems.

What We Do at Model Performance Group

Model Performance Group uses the latest in Simio simulation and scheduling software to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Factory owners can see what an added machine would do to a production line without the expense or downtime of adding a machine. The military can simulate exercises without risk to life or the expense of using authentic weaponry. Hospital administrators can test staffing needs and traffic flow.

In addition to healthcare, military, and manufacturing applications, Model Performance Group works with: mining, supply chain, ports/maritime, airports, industry 4.0, and more.

Businesswoman looking at futuristic interface screen.

By being able to use advanced analytics, stakeholders can:

Make Better Decisions

See how a system behaves or a process works with a realistic model that can be used for decision-making, documentation, and performance improvement purposes. We provide easy mimicking of real-life objects and procedures and provide you with the advanced analytics you need to make the best decision possible.

Conduct Real-Time Risk Analysis

Model Performance Group makes scheduling easy by accurately modeling systems, including their inherent constraints and variations. This allows planning and management of uncertainty, enabling you to reduce risks and meet goals.

Solve Complex Problems

We can help you find the best solutions to complex problems. Powerful algorithms and sophisticated analysis techniques are applied to devise and investigate scenarios that can be used to find the best decision.

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