manufacturing simulation and scheduling

Manufacturing Scheduling and Simulation Software

An optimized manufacturing facility eliminates unnecessary shop floor traffic, manages space adequately, improves operator productivity, and supports expansion. Simulation modeling provides the data you can use to see how different scenarios and constraints will affect performance. Model Performance Group gives you that data using the latest technology in simulation and scheduling software.

What We Do for Manufacturing

By creating a digital twin of your manufacturing facility, Model Performance Group can run various simulations to:

  • Monitor and evaluate production strategies to improve operations performance.
  • Optimize production schedules and inventory management processes to reduce downtime.
  • Improve product quality using insight from analyzing the performance of your manufacturing facility.
  • Shorten go-to-market timelines to increase revenue.
  • Evaluate the use of new production processes to provide different products.
  • Evaluate the effects of demand rates and material availability and your supply chain.
  • And much more.

Implement Data-driven Optimization

Many factory processes are still guided by the rule-of-thumb, which often leads to downtime because of machine failure, stockouts, and inadequate scheduling. Eliminating downtime and the revenue loss it causes starts with using shop floor data to determine production strategies. This is where Model Performance Group comes in.

We create optimized scheduling plans that ensure your production process runs without hitches using shop floor data. With no downtime, you can evaluate advanced plans, such as the effects of a new material-handling system, before implementation.

Man using laptop at manufacturing factory.

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By using Model Performance Group, you can optimize your manufacturing facility and make informed decisions to guide processes and staffing. Contact us today for a demo. Get the information you need to run your facility more efficiently and reach its full potential with expert guidance from the team at Model Performance Group.