lean and six sigma simulation and scheduling

Lean and Six Sigma Simulation Software

Lean and Six Sigma are methods intended to reduce variation and problems and refine processes to provide customers with the best possible quality, cost, and delivery. Model Performance Group’s experience with these methods and use of state-of-the-art simulation and scheduling software makes us a perfect partner for anyone wanting to implement or refine their Lean or Sigma Six methods.

How We Work with Six Sigma

Six Sigma greatly refines processes to reduce defects (there are seven sigma levels that denote levels of quality). Six Sigma lies in its ability to create a repeatable method and facilitate statistics and analysis to define and determine the source of problems (aka defects). A statistical foundation eliminates guesswork and enables real insights into whether a solution is effective. By using intelligent, 3D simulations, Model Performance Group can provide detailed analytics based on a variety of scenarios and external factors. We refine Six Sigma processes for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, military, healthcare, and more.

How We Work with Lean

Lean is based on the methods developed by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota, who devised the 7 Wastes, or uses of time and materials that do not add value to a process. Lean processes are based on continuous improvement through understanding customer needs and streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving quality. Model Performance Group uses data gleaned from simulation scenarios to improve manufacturing processes that in turn reduce costs and improve quality. The same concept works for processes in mining, transportation, defense, nuclear, and other industries.

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Refine your Lean and Six Sigma

Model Performance Group can enhance your Lean and Six Sigma strategies using the latest advancements in risk-based planning and scheduling techniques. Book a demo today and take your process improvement efforts to the next level.